Leadership is not for wimps

“Plans are great, but you can’t eat a recipe.” – @tim_ via @KnowledgeBishop

No warship in the world is larger @than the USS Nimitz, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. The Nimtz stretches 330 metres long and 4.5 acres of flight deck. Yet the 100,846-ton “flattop” can zip along in excess of 55km/hr, and can travel 1.6 million kilometres on a tank of gas.

But one thing the Nimitz can’t do is to turn on a coin. If a man fell overboard, the ship would need 2 to 3 kilometres before it could even begin to execute a 180-degree turn.*

Many families, businesses and organizations today are much like aircraft carriers. We often get headed in one direction – and it is hard to change the course. Other times, the storms of life buffet our boat, but sometimes we just manage to ride it out with only our dignity on our backs.

However, many fall by the wayside, into the doldrums of failure! Like the Nimitz’ abundance of technology and hardware, life’s situations are becoming more challenging and complex as we steam ahead.

As a leader, what are you doing to ensure that those that follow you have “lighthouse” moments? What situations are you providing for them to “hang” onto during those tough periods?

One Saturday morning, my 4-yr old son and I woke up before the girls did (aka my wife and two daughters). We quietly showered and dressed up…then sneaked out of the house. The boys were out on a secret mission…head to the local store for some bread, milk and eggs. The 30 minutes we spent together filled his tank to overflowing. By sunset, his mother and 20 year-old cousin had the escapade narrated to them over 7 times!

We connected, and to him, we were heroes. I had provided him with a memorable moment. A gem in his reserve tank from which he could draw from during those rough patches in his life.

What will your story be? Will it be an epic cruise or bare survival the jungle? Are you connecting with your spouse, children, friends or workmates?

Purpose to take some steps towards making your existence meaningful. “To convert somebody, go and take them by the hand and guide them,” Thomas Aquinas (medieval scholar).

* Source: “Daddy’s home: a practical guide for maximizing the most important hours of your day.” [Greg Johnson & Mike Yorkey]

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  1. #1 by harriette on January 21, 2012 - 10:38 pm

    This is a great one Kim, and very honest too.

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