The 2nd International Leadership Blogathon Is Here!

2nd International Blogathon

The excitement was palpable as a great event was in the offing! I am honored to be part of this global event yet again. Last year’s event was superb, with priceless lessons and solid linkages fostered. This year, it was BIGGER and BETTER!

On March 1st, a large conglomerate of leadership experts, coaches, speakers, authors, and leaders came together for the 2nd Annual International Leadership Blogathon on For 31 days  amazing stories, unparalleled experiences, and leadership wisdom were shared.

Here are the brief introductions to the posts for the blogathon. I invite you to read more about them and take time to leave your comment.


1. The Grateful Lead

Lolly Daskal [March 1st]

Today let’s pause to think of all those meaningful moments,  profound people and  life lessons that have saved us and… [FULL POST]

Humility in Leadership2. Humility in Leadership: Myths, Fears, and Truths

Kate Nasser [March 2nd]

Humility in leadership conjures vivid images in leaders’ minds. The images seem to fall into opposite camps… [FULL POST]

3. Leading From The Heart

Susan Bagyura [March 3rd]

Even with leaders, loyalty and respect are earned, not given.  It’s the leader’s emotional intelligence skills determining… [FULL POST]

4. Games That Leaders Play

Dan Forbes [March 3rd]

Are you a true leader, or are you a game player? Some leaders are examples to follow, others are examples to avoid.  [FULL POST]

5. Leading Virtual Teams Effectively

Chris Lema [March 3rd]

Do you remember playing the telephone game as a kid? You’d say one thing to the person sitting next to you, and… [FULL POST]

6. Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Have Time

Brendan Howe [March 4th]

I am declaring war on the phrase “I don’t have time”. It’s a very common sentence I hear way too often from leaders… [FULL POST]

7. The Greatest Potential for Organizational Improvement

Dave Bradley [March 5th]

‘Engage Engines Scotty’.  As Captain James T. Kirk utters this directive to his crew, the Starship ‘Enterprise’ launches… [FULL POST]

8. Effective Communication – Leadership’s Linchpin

Martina McGowan [March 6th]

The ability to find success in our own personal lives, or in our businesses is rarely dependent on our own skill alone… [FULL POST]

9. Culture Inhales Strategy for Breakfast…

Joan De Winne [March 7th]

Peter Drucker, often considered the inventor and  father of modern management stated, “Culture eats strategy for…” [FULL POST]

10. Risky Business – Making Phenomenal Decisions

Kai Roer [March 8th]

As a leader, I am expected to make decisions all day–every day. Some decisions are huge, possibly critical to my… [FULL POST]

11. The Precipice: Influence and Manipulation

Ali Paskun [March 9th]

In some ways, to influence and to manipulate can seem to be the same thing. After all, the intent of both influence… [FULL POST]

12. Patient Centered Healthcare

Susan Thorn [March 9th]

We are now knee-deep and headlong into Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act. The Main Event is set, at least for… [FULL POST]

13. A Myth That Thwarts Leadership

Susan Mazza [March 10]

I recently sat with a group of teachers while they took some time to make assessments about their own leadership… [FULL POST]

14. Eliminate Barriers & Borders

Andy Phillips [March 10th]

The days when your team would be all located together have long gone. Even in the smallest organizations multi-site… [FULL POST]

15. Culture trumps Strategy in Business Success

Heidi Alexandra Pollard [March 11]

Every business has a culture – some are inspiring and healthy, others are crippling and toxic. The level of an organization efficiency… [FULL POST]

16. The Vulnerable Leader

Lora Crestan [March 12]

Leadership is not easy. In fact, if you are doing it right, it is downright difficult.  Learning to lead is an ongoing process that evolves with you… [FULL POST]

17. Self-conquest…

Ogwo David Emenike [March 12]

The issue of tapping into the leadership potential within us is so a versed topic that it can lend itself to various elucidations… [FULL POST]

18. Ready or Not …It’s Going to Happen!

Susan Bowen [March 14] 

It’s inevitable.  It happened to me.  And, if you stay in an organization long enough, it will happen to you… [FULL POST]

19. Think Consensus is Good, Think Again…

John Thurlbeck [March 15]

As an established leader, developing executive teams or organizations, and often when working in collaboration with other partners… [FULL POST]

20. Abandon the Dead Horse…

Hampton Hopkins [March 16]

The Dakota Indians had a common wisdom that said when one is riding a dead horse the best strategy is to dismount… [FULL POST]

21. Building What Matters…

Barry Smith [March 16]

With over thirty years in the construction industry, I have had the opportunity to participate in multiple “leadership” training…

22. What can zombies teach us about Leadership?

Colleen Jolly [March 17]

We create monsters that represent and reflect our culture’s prevailing fears. We then vilify those monsters by celebrating… [FULL POST]

23. Successful Leaders Make Their Own LUCK!

Ray Attiyah [March 17]

A famous line from Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry asks, “Do you feel lucky?” So on this St. Patrick’s Day – a day… [FULL POST]

24. Bravado Or Bravery?

Janine Garner [March 18]

Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado – Menando Many of us only show a certain percentage of ourselves in social situations… [FULL POST]

25. Break Out of the Leadership Comfort Zone

By Alli Polin [Mar 19]

We all like to spend time there: the Comfort Zone.  It’s the place where we are the most in control, we know our strengths …[FULL POST]

26. Power-fuel your Team for Success

Frode Heimen [Mar 20]

Everyone imagines leading the dream team but few of us get to lead such a team unless we build the team from scratch… [FULL POST]

27. Leadership Evolution – The Missing Link

Kimunya Mugo [Mar 21]

About eight years ago, I attended a job interview. It was your typical run-of-the-mill affair. The panelists just wanted… [FULL POST]

28. Are We Over Grooming Our Leaders?

Karin Hurt [Mar 22]

“Stop grooming me!” “I don’t want to be like you.” “I don’t want to lose the core of who I am.” “I want to lead like me… [FULL POST]

29. Your Thought Leadership is the Compass of your Leadership

Tanvi Bhatt [Mar 23]

Leaders make News – Thought Leaders…History Leaders are many; but thought leaders indeed are rare and distinguished breed… [FULL POST]

30. How to Solve the EGO Problem on Your Team

Sean Glaze [Mar 24]

All high-performing groups will have people who are confident, but if your team is struggling, it may be because people… [FULL POST]

31. Finding The Final 5% of Productivity – Saving Minutes to Find Hours!

Jonathan Creaghan [Mar 24]

“Imagine for a moment the following scenario…” Bill, a colleague of yours, has just checked his e-mail and received a note… [FULL POST]

31. Ten Steps to Lead with Your Personal Brand, not Your Title!

Peter Sterlacci [Mar 25]

Guess what CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CMO? At the end of the day, that title of yours really means nothing… [FULL POST]

32. Want Better Employee Engagement? Change may be the Answer

William Powell [Mar 26]

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock for the past 10 years or so, employee engagement has quickly taken… [FULL POST]

33. Ditch the Fad-Surfing, Model the Universal Truths!

David Hain [Mar 27]

Change is hard. Continuous change is draining. Leading change is hardest of all. Leaders have to deal with a double-whammy… [FULL POST]

34. The Leadership Pendulum

Sandro da Silva [Mar 28]

Dilemmas are part of a leader’s routine. Should you follow your own gut feeling or should you listen to what others say? [FULL POST]

35. The Top 4 Attributes Every Leader Should Embody

Paul Jolicoeur [Mar 29]

Sometimes leaders get to stand in the lime light, marching forward in a triumphant pursuit of excellence and performance… [FULL POST]

36. On Leadership and the Knucklehearted Leader

Tom Schulte [Mar 30]

In the fast and furious pace of business and life today, motivated people are constantly looking for betters ways to get… [FULL POST]

37. The Power of Small Stories

Richard Andrews [Mar 30]

Small Stories are flying round every organization every minute of every day. Like mosquitoes over a lake in summer they get… [FULL POST]

38. I’m a Failure, and Damn Proud of It!

Todd Nielsen [Mar 31]

Wow – What an amazing and awesome month. The goal of the 2nd Annual International Blogathon was to give the world a gift of greater leadership acumen from an international stand-point… [FULL POST]


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  1. #1 by Todd Nielsen (@toddbnielsen) on March 1, 2013 - 4:56 pm

    As always, you rock!

    Glad to call you a friend.


    • #2 by KimunyaMugo on March 1, 2013 - 7:09 pm

      Glad to have you as a friend Todd, and this blogathon is already rocking big time!

  2. #3 by Dan Forbes on February 28, 2013 - 2:30 pm

    Kimunya, I am so happy and excited to be part of this project along with you. Lead on.

    • #4 by KimunyaMugo on February 28, 2013 - 3:31 pm

      Me too! Isn’t it amazing how easy it is for people to coalesce when there is the will and commitment to serve others?

  3. #5 by jht29 on February 28, 2013 - 10:52 am

    Kimunya – this is really fabulous – thank you so much!

    • #6 by KimunyaMugo on February 28, 2013 - 11:58 am

      Thanks! Really looking forward to the blogathon 🙂

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